Seal Fishery Law No. 1

early management strategies recognized the necessity for accurate record-keeping about the harvested animals, including their numbers, locations, dates, sexes, and sizes.

Since the 1930s, the traditional approach for managing living resources has been embodied in the concept of Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) for estimating the ''total allowable catch'' that can be taken without reducing the population size of a particular species. MSY is based on the assumption that population growth rates are logistic [Eq. (9.1)], initially increasing geometrically before decreasing as the ''carrying capacity'' is approached (Fig. 9.5).

In fisheries, there is the addition of a fishing mortality rate, which is described as the product of the fishing effort (F) and a constant catch coefficient (c). Fishing mortality rates have the same dimensions as per capita recruitment rates (r) so that their combined impact on population growth rates can by determined by slightly modifying Equation 9.1:

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