U.K. to Botany Bay, Australia


Seriously damaged and abandoned after colliding with iceberg in dark fog, 24 Dec. 1789.

Matoaka (1,1101 gross)

Lyttelton, N.Z. to London

Wool, gold, 45 passengers

Lost at sea in 1869 May have struck ice.

Marlborough (1,2101)

Lyttelton, N.Z. to London

Frozen meat and wool

Presumed to have struck an iceberg and sunk near Cape Horn, 1890.


Antarctic Sound to Snow Hill Island, Antarctic Peninsula


Crushed by pack ice and sunk on 12 Feb. 1903 after being beset for 5 weeks in the north-west Weddell Sea.

Havfruen (1,3211)

South Georgia to Sandwich Islands (on tow)

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