Acknowled Gements

As editor, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the contributors to this book for their tremendous effort in producing manuscripts, to Drs P.J. Barrett and T. Hatherton who kindly reviewed the entire book and D.G. Ainley, W.F. Budd, M.W. Cawthorn, A.E. Gilmour, C.H. Hay, J.R. Keys, K.B. Lewis, R.C. Murdoch, A.D. Pritchard, M.R. Sinclair and B.R. Stanton who reviewed individual chapters, to B. Grant for permission to reproduce the frontispiece, to Ms J.A. McDonald and Mr C.T. Pham who stoically interloaned the many books required in editing this volume, to Mr M. Podstolski who prepared the index, to Mr K.W. Majorhazi who drew a number of diagrams and, most importantly of all, to Mrs R.-M. Thompson who undertook the onerous task of preparing the whole volume to camera-ready copy.

Authors would like to thank various individuals for their help in producing their chapters. These are listed by chapter.

Chapter 3

Partial support for the preparation of this chapter was provided by grants ATM 8316640 and OCE 8414886 from the National Science Foundation and contract N00014-80-C-0013 from the Office of Naval Research. The following colleagues are thanked for helpful comments: J.D. Cochrane, S.S. Jacobs, W.D. Nowlin, R.G. Peterson, R.D. Pillsbury, J.L. Reid and B.A. Warren.

Chapter 4

This chapter was written under the auspices of the Commission for the Environment and the Department of Conservation, New Zealand. Karen Williams and Dennis Fowler are thanked for their assistance, Margaret Highland for typing and Leigh Hudson for drafting.

Chapter 7

This research is funded by the National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs (Grant DPP-85-16908). D. Cassidy provided copies of several papers used in the preparation of this paper.

Chapter 10

Dr R. Gambell of the International Whaling Commission is thanked for supplying data on Southern Ocean whaling statistics.

Chapter 11

The Southern Ocean, Subantarctic Islands and Ross Dependency research has been funded by the Research Committee of the University of Auckland and University Grants Committee. Logistic support has come from Antarctic Division, D.S.I.R., Royal New Zealand Navy and United States Coast Guard.

Advice, comment, field assistance and companionship has come from many-individuals but I am particularly indebted to P.J. Barrett, R.M. Kirk, M.C.G. Mabin, C. Montieth, I.F. Owen and R.B. Thompson. Skilled technical assistance was provided by L. Cotterall and R. Harris. The manuscript was typed by R. Bunker.

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