In situ observations of the water of Lake Vostok

Initially, a static string approach would be used consisting of instruments placed in the hole in order to get a time series of measurements at different depths and sides of the lake (e.g., at the south end (beneath Vostok Station), where freezing of the ice roof of the lake occurs and at the opposite side of the lake, where there is melting of the ice roof). Dissolved oxygen and other important gases, conductivity, pressure, temperature, water speeds, and turbidity would be measured in time intervals to gather information on water circulation and the geophysical, geochemical, and biological regimes of the lake. At the bottom of the vertical string of instruments, a redox electronic system will be installed for measurements of surface sediments and various biogeochemical processes. Penetrometers or shear vane devices will also be installed to measure sediment compaction (Kennicut, 2001).

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