Odp 742

Line TH99-35-1

Line GA 229/29

50 km

Mixed turbidite-contourite sequence


-- —W:—~~--■■■- - ' ^ H ■■ I ■•'■■■■■•.■ :.-■■■ - • 1 ■.'■ ■-' -■'■■■•■—igl



Foldout PB-1: Seismic sections from eastern Prydz Bay (Section B-B'). In the bay, Cenozoic sediments overlie Cretaceous (Surface K) and older sequences resting on basement. The shelf edge and upper slope prograded seaward through time becoming steeper. The slope and rise overlie a thick post-rift section, the latest parts of which are turbidite

(inferred) and contourite (drilled) sequences deposited since the onset of glaciation. Location shown in Fig. PB-1.

50 km

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