Future Challenges for Ice Coring

The ice core community has prepared a strategy for the next decade or more that includes two tasks of particular importance for this chapter (Brook and Wolff, 2006). Firstly, the community has agreed on the value of further cores around Antarctica (and the Arctic) reaching at least 40 ka back in time, to further understand the spatial and temporal pattern of millennial-scale changes. Secondly, sites with continuous ice sequences reaching well beyond 800 ka should be targeted for drilling. While a major geophysical survey will be required to locate such ice, the goal of reaching back as far as 1.5 Ma, into the period when 40 kyr cyclicity is well-established in climate records, is of great importance. It offers the possibility for example to test ideas about the role of changing CO2 concentrations, and the relative roles of northern and southern ice (Raymo et al., 2006), in the transition from the 40-100 kyr world.

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