Our discussion focuses on integrating key observations and inferences from the Antarctic continental margin to summarize a Cenozoic glacial history from the stratigraphic record. We recognize the limitations of the seismic and drilling data sets used. Seismic data image regional and up-section changes, but only provide a relative history of inferred events and processes. Drilling data provide a defined stratigraphic history, but one that is valid only at the local drilling site. There is an extensive published literature that illustrates the large spatial and temporal variability of features and processes at various scales, depending on the resolution and extent of data analysed. We selectively discuss the widespread seismic stratigraphic variations and the long- and short-period geologic transitions in cores, all of which point to a varied history of non-glacial and glacial events on the continental margin. The discussion is necessarily condensed due to the great breadth of the topics and the limited space herein.

We abbreviate offshore geographic regions as: Ross Sea (RS), Antarctic Peninsula (AP), Weddell Sea (WS), Prydz Bay (PB) and Wilkes Land (WL), and prefix these abbreviations with east (E) and west (W), such as western Ross Sea (WRS) (Fig. I-1).

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