Chapter 1

Microbial Diversity in Agroecosystem Quality Ann C. Kennedy

Chapter 2

Soil Microfauna: Diversity and Applications of Protozoans in Soil Stuart S. Bamforth

Chapter 3

Diversity and Function of Soil Mesofauna Deborah A. Neher and Mary E. Barbercheck

Chapter 4

Uses of Beneficial Insect Diversity in Agroecosystem Management Petr Stary and Keith S. Pike

Chapter 5

Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, and Insect Pest Management in

Agricultural Systems

Miguel A. Altieri and Clara I. Nicholls

Chapter 6

Livestock and Biodiversity

Harvey W. Blackburn and Cornelis de Haan

Chapter 7

Managing for Biodiversity of Rangelands Neil E.West

Chapter 8

Agroforestry for Biodiversity in Farming Systems Roger R. B. Leakey

Chapter 9

The Role of Agroecosystems in Wildlife Biodiversity

Thomas E. Lacher, Jr., R. Douglas Slack, Lara M. Coburn, and

Michael I. Goldstein

Chapter 10

Natural Systems Agriculture Jon K. Piper

Chapter 11

Managing Agroecosystems as Agrolandscapes: Reconnecting Agricultural and Urban Landscapes

Gary W. Barrett, Terry A. Barrett, and John David Peles

Chapter 12

Local Management of Biodiversity in Traditional Agroecosystems

Robert E. Rhoades and Virginia D. Nazarea

Chapter 13

Valuing Genetic Diversity: Crop Plants and Agroecosystems

Douglas Gollin and Melinda Smale

Chapter 14

Conserving and Using Crop Plant Biodiversity in Agroecosystems

Wanda W. Collins and Geoffrey C. Hawtin

Chapter 15

Implementing the Global Strategy for the Management of Farm

Animal Genetic Resources

Keith Hammond and Helen W. Leitch

Chapter 16

Agroecosystem Quality: Policy and Management Challenges for New Technologies and Diversity

Joel I. Cohen

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