Valuing Genetic Diversity for Agroecosystems: Concerns, Concepts, and Cautions

Popular Concerns: Perception and Misperception Conceptualizing the Sources of Economic Value The Concept of Public Goods A Caution: The Myth of Enormous Value

All Human Life Depends on Genetic Diversity Some Species and Varieties Have High Value to Humans Extinction Is Irreversible and, Hence, Infinitely Costly Agricultural Genetic Diversity Protects Against Disastrous Disease and Pest Outbreaks Genetic Diversity for Agroecosystems: Distinctive Features Approaches to Valuing Genetic Diversity for Agroecosystems Farmer Decision Making and Farm-Level Diversity Species Diversity Varietal Diversity Spatial and Temporal Diversity Diversity, Productivity, and Stability: Hedonic Valuation and Related Approaches

Genetic Diversity as a Public Good Assessing the Value of Ex Situ Collections Estimating Option Values

Implications for Conservation of Agricultural Diversity

Major Economic Questions Related to On-Farm Conservation Conservation and Economic Development Incentives for In Situ Conservation

On-Farm Crop Improvement as an Incentive Research Impact

Property Rights and Conservation Conclusions Acknowledgment References

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