Benefits Of The Global Strategy

d. Increased country and regional institutional, managerial, scientific, and technological capacity to improve productivity of AnGR and maintain domestic animal diversity.

2. Development, sustainable use, and maintenance of Animal Genetic Resources:

a. Coordinated surveying, monitoring, and description of AnGR;

b. Establishment of the comparative genetic uniqueness of AnGR to minimize management costs over time;

c. Improved development, use, and maintenance of AnGR according to a strategic combination of in situ and ex situ conservation and utilization;

d. Better matching AnGR to feed resources and other inputs, and to required outputs, to increase productivity, reduce environmental degradation, and maintain sustainable production systems; and e. Conservation of domestic animal diversity of national and global importance, retaining for future generations the necessary broad flexibility required to respond quickly and efficiently to unpredictable change in production environments.

3. International collaboration and policy development:

a. A mechanism to assure continuity and coordination of AnGR-related activities over time;

b. A strong project identification mechanism to propose costed projects and activities for financing and to minimize duplication;

c. Detailed country national action strategies to enable donors to recognize investment priorities; and d. Through the CGRFA, a mechanism for intergovernmental deliberation and policy development.

4. A communication and information tool, DAD-IS

a. Has been developed as the key communications and information tool of the Strategy for country use, to link and involve all other stakeholders with the Strategy;

b. Incorporates security features to enable countries to use the system as their own, with complete control over national data and other information;

c. Provides databases for cataloging domestic animal breeds, their characteristics and risk status, production environments, and the range of activities underway for each breed, thereby acting as a comprehensive information system for AnGR use, development, access, and early warning;

d. Enables countries and international collaborators to set conservation priorities;

e. Supports utilization and conservation by communicating the values and roles of AnGR;

f. Enables global networking by putting countries and their farmers in contact with other farmers; research, training, and education institutions; and scientists from around the world;

g. Provides guidelines for development of national action strategies and supports action planning for the sustainable development, use, and maintenance of AnGR;

h. Supports cost-effective training and research; and i. Provides customized project management software to support AnGR activity planning, reporting, and monitoring.

A comprehensive communications element for the Global Strategy will support all stakeholders and provide a least-cost system for awareness generation at all levels.

5. CBD objectives:

The components and elements of the Strategy are being developed to align with the objectives of the CBD: conservation, sustainable use, and sharing of the benefits of biological diversity.

6. World Food Summit Plan of Action:

For the farm animal biodiversity important to developing "Food for All" on a sustainable basis, the Strategy provides an integrated framework for action, particularly with respect to Commitments Three and Seven of the Plan, which refer to signatory governments pursuing participatory and sustainable development policies in high and low potential areas, and implementing, monitoring, and following up the World Food Summit Plan of Action at all levels.

The preceding benefits represent a powerful incentive for implementing a strong Strategy for the Management of Farm AnGR.

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