ScaledUp Micropropagation System by Use ofan Aseptic Culture Room2526

The idea of the forced ventilation micropropagation system can be further extended to an idea of an aseptic culture room, considering the aseptic culture room itself as a large culture vessel containing many small sterile trays with plants on the culture shelves. This kind of micropropagation system can be also considered as a transplant production system using small cuttings under disease-free conditions or a closed vegetative propagation and transplant production system with artificial light.

Research and development of such a photoautotrophic micropropagation system with automation facility are now underway. For commercialization of such a system, considerable reduction in electricity consumption for lighting and air conditioning is essential. Currently, electric energy consumption per transplant has been estimated to be 0.1 MJ and its cost in Japan to be 2-3 yen (1.5-2 US cents) per transplant.27 Remarkable reductions in electricity consumption can be expected in the near future by improving the lighting and air conditioning systems.

In this system, no person is permitted to enter the culture room for handling the trays with plants or for environment control in normal production modes. Thus, tray transportation and environmental control in the culture room must be automated.

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