Growth Responses and Adenylate Kinase Activity of Seedlings

Salinity stress suppressed root elongation more than shoot growth. Adenylate kinase activities were also compared in seedlings grown under the same conditions. There were no significant differences in adenylate kinase activities in shoots, whereas in roots a salt-induced enhancement of the enzyme activity was apparent. The procedure that was followed to obtain root segments yielded a uniform root growth enabling the cutting of even root segments. Comparison of enzyme activities in such root segments of seedlings grown in the absence or presence of 1.0 % NaCl for 5 d indicated that adenylate kinase activities in NaCl-treated roots were enhanced. This was observed in every root segment, with the most distal segment showing the highest activity.

Adenylate Kinase Activity in Different Rice Varieties

In order to know whether or not the activation of adenylate kinase was related to salinity-sensitive characteristics, enzyme activities were compared between two indica rice varieties, namely Nona Bokra (salt tolerant) and IR28 (salt sensitive). The stimulation of adenylate kinase activities by NaCl treatment was observed in roots and shoots of IR28, but not of Nona Bokra.

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