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Table 15.6. Soluble sugars in untransformed potato (Control) and a transgenic plant expressing artichoke SST and FFT (SST/FFT) in fimol/g fresh weight ± standard deviation

Table 15.6. Soluble sugars in untransformed potato (Control) and a transgenic plant expressing artichoke SST and FFT (SST/FFT) in fimol/g fresh weight ± standard deviation

|imol/g FW




3.73 ± 4.4

7.99 ± 5.65


0.36 ± 0.16

0.4 ± 0.2


34.2 ± 6.5

28.1 ± 6.2


836 ±167

651 ± 110



41.9 ± 7.09

Starch and fructan content is expressed in umol hexose equivalent/g fresh weight. Glc: glucose; Frc: fructose; Suc: sucrose; n.d.: not detectable.

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