Programs and Policies

Our development policies at times are placed on conflicting objectives.The environmental problems and policies need coordinated appraisal, as they are inextricably enmeshed in their impacts, value orientation objectives and attainments, irrespective of geo-political barriers. The specific concern at this juncture should pinpoint critical conditions for success so that development becomes truly an ally for providing social justice. Obviously, there is no simple or single solution to the complex ecological, socioeconomic and technological problems facing those engaged in promoting sustainable advances in the productivity of terrestrial and aquatic farming systems. This scientific challenge can be met through accelerated efforts in the blending wisdom of traditional technologies and modern science and technology.

Scientists must work in partnership with farmers, industry and entrepreneurs to bring a new culture in agriculture. Transformation of the most marginalized farmers into agents of poverty alleviation, and environmental management through the blending of traditional and frontier technologies in socially equitable, economically viable and environmentally sustainable backgrounds and through production of more food from a diminishing resource base, with new agricultural technologies and management systems providing increased productivity per unit of land, water, energy, labor and investment, would be worth perusing. Part of this will involve focusing research on neglected crops such as minor millets, grain legumes and tubers, which can perform in times of environmental stress and in neglected areas such as arid and semi-arid/ coastal and mountain areas.

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