Post Harvest Management

It is estimated that food grain losses in the country are at about 10% in the case of cereals, pulses and oil seeds and up to 40% in the case of fruits and vegetables. In order to ensure Indian agriculture to be globally competitive, processing, product development, value addition, packaging, storage and marketing are considered of paramount importance. We believe that post-harvest technologies have to be an essential element of our overall strategy of enhancing productivity , production and net monetary returns per unit area, input and time. The research intervention in this area has led to the diversification of agricultural crops/commodities/processes/ products to further boost our agricultural production, consumption and export. With the development and application of post-harvest technologies, the exports in agriculture have been steadily increasing. It is believed that wealth could be had from the waste, byproducts could become main products and full use of agricultural produce in various farms and functions could enhance substantially the competing ability of agriculture, its produce, products and processes.

Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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