Desirable gene



pIPT53 1



«(iiiiioii)|t| rbcS-V 1 ipt ■■ 1

r pIPT54 rbcs-v ipt


gus A

pKOI. 103 I

pROI. 108 I


Mint ton)

gus A




Fig. 25.4. Construction of new MAT vectors. The ipt genes are jointed to a native or rbcS promoter. The R (recombinase) genes fused with a 35S promoter have an intron sequence of Eucalyptus histone genes. The gusA and nptll genes are second selectable marker genes. Unique Smal and BamHI sites (A) binary type; or MCS, multicloning sites (B), two component type; of lacZ' DP: Dumb quoteare available for cloning of desirable genes.

In current transformation methods, we have utilized only the gene transfer system of Agrobacteria, but not a plant hormone regulation system of oncogenes. Agrobacteria are able to induce "crown gall" or "hairy root" in a wide variety of plant species. Such wide adaptation is achieved by oncogenes, which highly regulate endogenous hormone balance. However, oncogenes have not been commonly used for transformation because the resulting transgenic plants show abnormal morphology. Our study shows that oncogenes can be used for transformation by combining with removal elements.

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