Isolation and Analysis of Target Genes

Many enzymes and genes are involved in the pathway of lignin biosynthesis in plants. We focused on phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL), which is a first step enzyme in the general phenypropanoid synthesis in plants; O-methyltransferase (OMT), an enzyme deciding the characteristics of lignin structure between those of soft and hard woods, and peroxidase (PO), only one of the enzymes involved in polymerization from monomer units to a macromolecule.

In PAL genes, palg1, palg2a, palg2b and palg4 were isolated from P. kitakamiensis (Fig.

26.1)3 and palg2a was chosen as a PAL gene involved in lignin biosynthesis on the basis of Northern hybridization analysis results and expression analysis of the promoter. OMT and PO genes involved in lignin biosynthesis were also chosen: homt1 of homt1 and homt2 (Fig.

26.2)4 and prxA3a (Fig. 26.3)5,6 from among prxA1, prxA2a, prxA2b, prxA3a, prxA4a and HPOX14 by use of the same analysis methods.

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