Mechanisms underlying salt stress in plants are complex not only physiologically but also genetically. Responses to salinity stress at the whole plant level are very variable and depend on a number of factors such as plant age, tissue organization and distribution of ions throughout the plant body, and the number of salt ions in the external environment.35 In a saline environment, the first reaction of plants to the adverse effects of low external water potential is uptake of salt ions and their accumulation to high intracellular concentrations.36 Entry into part of the root can occur along apoplastic pathways. The salt tolerance of the plant depends decisively on the tolerance of the roots.37 The mechanisms underlying root growth inhibition and other cellular responses need to be examined in detail in order to understand whole plant response. As yet there have been no attempts to examine the internal characteristics of rice roots when challenged by NaCl. The effects of NaCl on cell proliferation, cell enlargement and cell collapse were analyzed.38

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