ICAR Institutes

The network of research institutions includes 4 National Institutes deemed to hold university status, 41 Central Research Institutes, 4 Bureaus, 28 National Research Centers, 10 Project Directorates and 82 All India Coordinated Research Projects (Table 3.1). These diverse institutions cover agricultural research in its wide sense, including crops, veterinary and animal science, fisheries, agroforestry, soil science, agricultural engineering, post-harvest technology, socioeconomics and other related disciplines, as shown in the table.

State Agricultural Universities

While the reorganization and growth of the ICAR and its institutes has been a significant development, an equally important development has been the setting up of 28 State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) on the pattern of the land grant Colleges of Agriculture in the United States, with suitable adjustments. These universities have taken over the teaching and research functions from the Departments of Agriculture in their respective states. The State Agricultural Universities, with most states having one or more of them, are the regional institutions responsible for providing technological support for the development of agriculture in the states. They receive their funding support primarily from the state governments, but also from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in the form of coordinated projects and development grants. In recent years, the Council has set up an Agricultural University in the central sector for the northeastern states which functions like the SAUs.

The State Agricultural Universities have a multifaculty and multicampus structure in order to develop location-specific technologies. They also have a network of over 120 Zonal and Regional Research Stations. The Zonal Station in an agroclimatic region coordinates and monitors the work of all the other university stations in the region.

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