Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development is a necessary concomitant of all dynamic systems for stability and attaining equilibrium with external forces. Human resources are the most important of any research systemsm since its performance depends not only the quality of its scientific and behavioral manpower but also on their motivation and morale. The human and organizational resources are of much greater importance than material resources. There is an incredible variation in human capability, both physical and mental. Equally incredible is the degree to which an individual or group can evolve or degenerate based on the effort put in the process. This simply underscores the need to develop the human resource irrespective of the area of activity which, in fact, is a management tool equally applicable in agricultural science as it is in other disciplines.

Changes due either to the stimulus of external environment or to internal pressure, can not remain static in any dynamic system. The only alternative to change is decay. Any vibrant, forward looking organization sensitive to the forces of change impacting it has to have a set of integrated and interrelated initiatives in HRD. The problem acquires complexity because it is not only acquisition of simple skills, but also of knowledge, attitudes and, more importantly, of values. These together constitute the work culture of the organization and the nation.

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