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This session is organized as an interface between understanding of social or agricultural situations in the near future and evaluation of research strategies. Two papers from economists, two papers from leaders of national agricultural sciences and an additional one on genetic improvement of rice have been prepared for the discussion.

An outlook for food supply and demand is delineated by Professor H. Tsujii, who predicts a substantial deficit of food in view of population growth and other factors. Following this general view, demand for food and agricultural sciences is discussed by one leading agricultural scienticst from each of China and India, which support the largest and the second largest population, respectively, in the world. Each of the reports emphasizes the need for developing agricultural research. Then, policies to set priorities on each research area are discussed by Dr. D. Gollin, on the bases of past experience and economic principles. Lastly, a short note on the past achievements and expected potential in the genetic improvement of rice is given by the session organizer, who cites a set of available tools in the area.

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