Glutelin and Rice Quality

Rice seeds contain about 8% storage proteins by weight; the content has been reported to be negatively correlated with the quality of rice for sake brewing and cook-ing.9,10 During brewing, proteins are decomposed to peptides and amino acids, some of which are assimilated by yeast and give sake its full, heavy taste. But the excess often gives sake a rough taste and accelerates the deterioration of its quality.11 Glutelin, which accounts for 80% of the rice storage proteins, is localized in Protein Body II (PBII). PBII is readily digested during brewing,12 and a negative correlation has been reported between the amount of PBII and the quality of rice for sake.9 An increase in the amount of total proteins also negatively affects the eating quality of cooked rice.10 Deterioration in the eating quality of protein-rich rice is attributed to a change in the physical properties of cooked rice due to increased glutelin.13 Thus, suppression of glutelin accumulation in rice grains may improve the quality of rice for both sake brewing and cooking.

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