Genepool and Genomics

Recent progress in genomics study has been impressive, offering us much better knowledge of gene structure and function in a genome. This provides a strong scientific base for crop improvement efforts.

Crop genepools have adapted to and sustained the demands of agricultural systems for thousands of years.18 A genepool represents a dynamic system of genetic diversity in the form of the allelic diversity of species or groups of species structured over space and time. It is often used as a unit of thinking for global genetic conservation and use efforts. Yet our understanding of its dynamic structure over time and space is very limited. Molecular markers are powerful tools to enhance our knowledge of genepools, especially when combined with other data in geo-referenced form. Adaptive traits are of key interest for crop improvement efforts, and molecular genetics applied to genomics and genepool study will help us to understand how such traits develop (functional genomics) and are maintained in genepools.

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