Evolving Issues Related to the Management of Crop Genetic Resources

Many difficult and some contentious plant genetic issues are being discussed both at national and international levels, and these need to be resolved. Some of these issues are:

1. What is the scope of crop genetic resources?

2. How can access to crop genetic resources be guaranteed?

3. What is the appropriate response to the issues of farmers' rights and benefit sharing?

4. To what extent do intellectual property rights exist for crop genetic resources and information on this germplasm?

5. What are sovereign rights and how broadly should they be interpreted?

6. How can new technologies best be transferred to developing countries?

Crop genetic resources managers have to keep abreast of the evolving issues related to germplasm. They must ensure that all aspects of crop genetic resources system are up to date and in accordance with common internationally accepted policies and practices.

Fig. 12.5. Basic rice research which has provided the foundation for the rice genome project in Japan.
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