Construction of cDNA Libraries in Acacia mangium

By comparison of N-terminal amino acid sequence, the sequence of this protein was similar to ferritin protein derived from some legumes (Fig. 27.2). Based on this result, we estimated that this 28 kDa acid responsive protein might be the ferritin protein of Acacia mangium and cloning of the cDNA of this protein was performed. We tried the amplification of a fragment DNA from it by PCR. As a result, there were two kinds of DNA fragments. Both the sequences of these two DNA fragments were similar to the sequence of ferritin cDNA of Phaseolus vulgaris. The ratio of these two DNA fragments was 9:1; we named the major fragment AMFE1-p, and the minor fragment AMFE2-p (Fig. 27.3). Part of the amino acid sequence, which was estimated from the DNA sequence of AMFE1-p, was completely the same as the amino acid sequence of acid responsive protein.

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