in order to make a lower lignin content tree, the aspen, we tried to isolate the peroxi-dase gene involved in lignin biosynthesis from the hybrid aspen. prxA3a was isolated and the DNA sequence and promoter of it were analyzed. As the promoter of prxA3a expressed in the stem specifically, it was assumed that prxA3a is involved in lignin biosynthesis. By using the antisense RNA method, some transformed aspens inhibitied in peroxidase activity and lignification were formed. These transformants have lower peroxidase activity (70-90% in stem) and lower lignin content (15-60%), and an increasing tendency for glucose than the wild type. Especially, the characteristic lignin chemical structure in the transformants is lower contents of p-hydroxy, guaiacyl and syringyl units, an increasing degree of tendency toward the condensed type and less toward the uncondensed than in the wild.

These results give us hope that we may succeed in forming useful trees by means of genetic engineering techniques.

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