The task ahead is much more complex in nature and severe in intensity. Apart from accelerating growth in production, issues of sustainability and environment are to be addressed. At the same time, integration of our economy with the rest of the world and competitive trade environments call for much more efficient production systems. Obviously, in this emerging agricultural scenario, development and dissemination of appropriate technologies have to play an important role.

Higher agricultural growth is necessary for alleviating poverty, and for economic transformation of rural India.

In spite of the progress on several fronts, from a global perspective the environment has continued to degrade during the past decade and significant environmental problems remain deeply enmeshed in the socioeconomic fabric of nations in all regions. Internationally and nationally, funds and efforts need to be enhanced substantially to halt further global environmental degradation and to address the most pressing environmental issues. To meet these challenges, agriculture has to become vibrant, productive and competitive.

Science, science culminating into technology, technology realized as practices, practices translated into production, production-based consumption and consumption impacting on health would rally around energy conversion, its cycle and recycling, which would obviously require a balanced production to consumption mode of research and development to sustain the system and society for posterity.

It is hoped that increasing population pressures culminating in ever growing demands will catalyze capitalization on uncommon opportunities, through added investmentd in the area of exploitation of the vast common gene pool, in various permutations and combinations which, in conjunction with efficient utilization of added inputs, would be able to meet what the Indian population would need. A vast experience and expertise would be the most vital tool in managing the change and making it a change for the better.

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