Adjust Planting Structure in Accordance with the Need of Grain Ration and Feed Grains

From the overall situation of planting development, particular attention should be paid to feed production, including feed grain crops and feed crops, while making overall plans on the allocation of food grain, grains for seed industry and for industrial use and various cash crops. The emphasis should be on the harmonious development of a three-component crop structure: cereal crops, cash crops (including crops like melons and vegetables ) and feed crops. This means that a part of the feed grain area in Southern China which is brought under grain crops should be converted to growing grain/feed crops or feed-specific varieties, such as high yield rice or corn for feed use. Meanwhile, an appropriate area of the land should be increased to grow feed/manure crops (such as some green manure crops) and feed crops (such as alfalfa, sweet clover etc.) so as to form a feed basis and stimulate the crop structure to the greater diversity of the three-component one (cereal crops-cash crops-feed crops ) compared to the dual structure (cereal crops-cash crops). According to the estimation of the Long and Medium Term Food Development Research Team of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the future proportion of the three crops in 2000 and 2020 is as shown in Figure 2.4.

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