The Kyoto Treaty as a Starting Point

The United States has a great deal to offer to global society by rejoining the efforts to implement the Kyoto Treaty, and by recommitting to the objectives of that treaty. The United States has substantial scientific, technological, and analytical capability needed to address these issues. We could use these resources to help identify the optimal acceptable degree of global warming. Such a concept should guide the Kyoto Treaty initiative. However, we also might scale down the scope of this initiative, and focus it on a more modest set of objectives that would help mobilize the political support for what is proposed. The beginnings of the GATT/WTO serve as an attractive precedent.

Americans are rightly concerned about their national security. That national security is ultimately rooted in our economic security. We can add to our economic security by deploying our considerable economic power to strengthen international institutions. That power should be deployed in support of international cooperation with national and international organizations and institutions.

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