Section Iv Soil Carbon Dynamics and Farming Cropping Systems

Chapter XG

Soil Carbon Sequestration: Understanding and Predicting

Responses to Soil, Climate, and Management 407

James W. Jones, Valerie Walen, Mamadou Doumbia, and Arjan J. Gijsman

Chapter 17

Reducing Greenhouse Warming Potential by Carbon Sequestration in Soils: Opportunities, Limits, and Tradeoffs 435

John M. Duxbury

Chapter 18

Management Practices and Carbon Losses via

Sediment and Subsurface Flow 451

Lloyd B. Owens and Martin J. Shipitalo

Chapter 19

Measuring and Monitoring Soil Carbon Sequestration at the Project Level 467

R. César Izaurralde

Chapter 20

Dynamics of Carbon Sequestration in Various

Agroclimatic Zones of Uganda 501

Moses M. Tenywa, Majaliwa Mwanjalolo,

Matthias K. Magunda, Rattan Lal, and Godfrey Taulya

Chapter 21

Soil Carbon Sequestration in Dryland Farming Systems 515

Parviz Koohafkan, Ana Rey, and Jacques Antoine

Chapter 22

More Food, Less Poverty? The Potential Role of Carbon Sequestration in Smallholder Farming

Systems in Senegal 539

Petra Tschakert

Chapter 23

Hillside Agriculture and Food Security in Mexico: Advances in the Sustainable Hillside

Management Project 569

Leobardo Jiménez, Ernesto Hernández, and Ricardo Mendoza

Chapter 24

Soil Organic Carbon, Quality Index, and Soil

Fertility in Hillside Agriculture 589

Jorge D. Etchevers, Miguel A. Vergara, Miguel M. Acosta, Carlos M. Monreal, and Leobardo Jiménez

Chapter 25

Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration in Zambia 605

Robert B. Dadson, Jagmohan Joshi, Fawzy M. Hashem, Arthur L. Allen, Catherine S. Bolek, Steven W. Muliokela, and Albert Chalabesa

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