Section Ii Climate Change and Net Primary Productivity

Chapter 6

Climate Change Effects on the Water Supply in Some

Major River Basins 147

Ranjan S. Muttiah and Ralph A. Wurbs

Chapter 7

Climate Change and Terrestrial Ecosystem Production 173

Wilfred M. Post and Anthony W. King

Chapter 8

The Changing Role of Forests in the Global Carbon Cycle: Responding to Elevated Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere 187

Evan H. DeLucia, David J. Moore, Jason G. Hamilton, Richard B. Thomas, Clint J. Springer, and Richard J. Norby

Chapter 9

Impact of Climate Change on Soil Organic Matter

Status in Cattle Pastures in Western Brazilian Amazon 223

Carlos C. Cerri, Martial Bernoux, Carlos E.P. Cerri, and Keith Paustian

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