Impact Of Tillage Management On Greenhouse Gas Fluxes

A change from CT to NT involves changes in management practices, such as chemical inputs and tractor use, that also generate CO2, and it potentially alters fluxes of other greenhouse gases, especially nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4). The impact of all management changes on all greenhouse gases contributing to GWP must be evaluated in order to determine the net effect of changing tillage practice on GWP. These other factors may provide additional GWP benefits or they may offset carbon sequestration in soils, creating a situation where the net GWP benefits from a change in tillage practice are affected by tradeoffs. Furthermore, if the changes made in the additional sources of GWP are permanent, that is, continue indefinitely, they will affect the long-term GWP outcome of a change to NT as soil carbon sequestration continues only until a new OC equilibrium is reached in a soil. These two issues are analyzed in the following sections.

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