Characteristics of Mitigation Options

Forest protection as a strategy can ensure that the area under national parks remains at 5,942,000 ha up to the year 2030. Increased efficiency in forest management, harvesting, and utilization of forest products will also be necessary. The goal is to reduce deforestation to the barest minimum by reducing the production of firewood, charcoal, timber, and clearing for agriculture.

Factors that contribute to the magnitude of C losses from soil are initial C stocks, texture, climate, slope, and management (Woomer et al., 1994). Thus, 52% of 91.3 metric tons ha-1 total organic C loss at 120-cm soil depth occurred in the surface horizon — that is, 0 to 15 cm (Moshi et al., 1974) — and manure application reduced C loss (Woomer et al., 1998).

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