Microbial Seeds

Important element for fast formation of the granules and granulation in continuous systems is one time or time-to-time addition of microbial seeds. From the practice of conventional activated sludge system it is considered by the majority of the researchers that addition of disrupted, previously formed granules can be a method for facilitation of granulation. However, major obstacle for this conventional technique may be that granules are formed due to microbial cell aggregation. This can increase a risk of the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the granule in comparison with conventional activated sludge because ability of some strain for hydrophobic or biospecific aggregation could correlate with its pathogenicity. That is why, use of selected and safe microbial strain for granulation could be the best way for application of microbial granulation in the wastewater treatment. This granule-forming strain might be complemented with some additional microbial strains performing specific functions in the granule, like biodegradation of specific compounds or removal of nutrients from the wastewater.

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