Microbial Diversity of Aerobic Granules

Experimental data demonstrated diverse microbial community in the granules. The analysis of microbial community, residing in the aerobically grown granule, can provide information on the microorganisms responsible for granule formation, maintenance, and activity. This knowledge can be used for different purposes:

1. for better control of aerobic granulation;

2. for selection of safe and effective microbial inoculum for fast granulation;

3. for selection of safe and affective microbial inocula enhancing activities of microbial granules.

It would be important to study the feasibility of bioaugmentation of microbial granules by pure cultures and recombinant species of microorganisms to tailor microbial granules for treating specific types of wastewaters. There may be complex positive interactions and horizontal gene transfers in the ecosystem of microbial granule due to close cell arrangements.

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