Disadvantages of Microbial Granulation

However, one disadvantage of aerobic granulation is a long start-up period of granule formation from the flocs of activated sludge. The formation of aerobic granules is very crucial for their applicability in wastewater treatment, while this process takes several weeks to start-up aerobic granular system from conventional activated sludge (Peng et al., 1999; Beun et al., 2000; Tay et al., 2001c; Moy et al., 2002). Another potential disadvantage is the risk of accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms in the granule because of two reasons:

1. Cells are aggregated mainly due to hydrophobic interactions and there may be accumulation of strains with high cell hydrophobicity in granule;

2. Bacterial strains with high cell surface hydrophobicity are often pathogenic ones.

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