Anaerobic Migrating Blanket Reactor AMBR

Recently, Angenent and Sung (2001) developed a novel anaerobic wastewater treatment system, namely anaerobic migrating blanket reactor (AMBR), which is a continuously fed, compartmentalized reactor without the requirement of elaborate gas-solid-separation and feed-distribution systems. It was found that granules in an AMBR tended to be darker in color, smaller, and denser than granules in a UASB reactor operated under conditions similar to those in the AMBR. The internal structure of AMBR is more complex than that of UASB, especially the multiple-point mechanic mixing to overcome sludge clogging as well as to improve feed distribution. As compared to UASB system, the possible advantages of an AMBR with more than three compartments include smaller biomass migration rates, less chance of short-circuiting, operation in a step feed mode for high-strength wastewater during shock loads, and difficult-to-degrade compounds would be degraded more efficiently.

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